After how much time did you feel your meds?

cool. whatever :slight_smile: Ill try to believe in me a bit more too. It was my weak place in the past. Now I am bad, but I just cant handle the pain every evening. Cause its even physical. Now it got better again. till tomorrow…

Good luck at getting better @Anna1

Ok, thanks :slight_smile: .

For those who doesn’t know still, I find that I am ill since 20 years. I am 36 now. so idk for when my recovery… Maybe I made some mistakes to not have complained to my parents. But I risked to be beaten by my dad if I was mental for him… it was like this, idk. so I am one of the hardest cases here on the forum. You all think, feel and are relatively stable. The others, are between their walls. alone like me :confused: .

well, I say wrong things tonight probably, but its really hard to have lost 17 years like this guys :cry:

it took years to get the full affect because i wasn’t taking my meds correctly and forgetting doses and i am getting a bit worse because i forgot to take a full days worth of meds

I am interested: I heard Cariprazine/Vraylar takes about 13-16 weeks to show effect to negative symptoms. How long exactly was it for you?

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Well, I still have negatives, but my mindset has improved. Less negatives than most other meds. I used to believe meds solely caused negatives, but maybe it’s the illness too.

My cognition has improved and my positives are manageable.

Great message, insidemind. Me too, I used to think meds worsen my negatives, but I think it could be also my fears and my paranoia, which make me quite passive. My progress is very slow though. I tend to find that I cant think well because of the anxiety or the paranoia and I has to make a lot of efforts on the paranoia. I was also too self centered and limited in a way in my thinking, but I hope ill gain in cognition too. what med are you on? Its cool to hear, that an ap makes better your cognition.

I’m on Vraylar. It came out a couple years ago. It’s still very expensive.

Days. My pdoc usually changes my doses and expect from me to call him within a few days to inform him how is it going. So I think it’s days but full effect in months

How long did it take from starting with Vraylar until you first noticed improvement of cognition?

yeah, me too I wonder about the cognition. My pdoc was saying that I cant think well, cause I have paranoid thoughts. And my paranoia is very strong since years. I guess I was ill for too long time. Now, all I can do is to wait, no matter if meds help or not. But yes, I need them though.

I really don’t recall. But probably weeks or months.

You need to have a positive growth mindset Anna. If you believe and think you’re going to get better, you will. Fake it till you make it. Say and think you are happy even if you are not. Keep doing it. It will change how you think and feel. If you believe you will not get better, you will not.

Have you tried Sarcosine, Anna?

Yes, ok, I give myself courage now, a bit more positive too. But every evening is terrible still. I feel very dumb and numb then, both mentally and emotionally.

‘‘Tis is to reply to Anna1… Me too, I don’t know what to do no more. I tried Bupropion/Wellbutrin SR and also XL, my last one was Trintellix, they all gave me constipation. I tried escitalopram also gave me suicidal. I am with this doctor about 4 months. Now she said that I should check with my Primary care to see if I have problems with my health. Now I am only on Lamortrigine and Clonazepam, which I think Clonazepam didn’t help me much either. If I tell my psych doctor I get a feeling that she will not happy to help me and give up on me.

The meds the pdoc’s put me on either don’t work at all or they work immediately.

Anna1… I have similar situations that I had have been on over 10 meds but none of them all have bad sided affect on me. Now I feel in very deep depress

Sounds like you’re not on an AP. I didn’t like wellbutrin because it made me anxious. It’s like a mild stimulant in a sense. I’m sza so I don’t benefit much from ADs. They can do more harm than good sometimes. I prefer a mood stabilizer or nothing at all. I guess I got bipolar genes.

I’m stable and functioning okay at the moment. I’m on Vraylar and Trazodone. My doctor told me APs act like a secondary mood stabilizer.