Afraid to masturbate

I feel like i am being watched and am afraid to masturbate. I struggel to focus on what I am doing and instead i fall into my thoughts and emotions.

Any advice on how to avoid this?


I have gotten used to voices while masturbating. It remains a bit annoying when they comment on my thoughts.

When you find yourself all tangled up in your thoughts, mentally step back and imagine them as a train speeding by. Watch them speed off into the distance while you’re left standing beside an empty train track. :steam_locomotive:


Then Don’t. (1997 Radiohead)

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I used to feel the same, Now I could care less, no longer scared of camera’s

I was like that when unmedicated or when meds weren’t fully working. All your problems in your posts are due to these problems.

Not sure if your M or F. But carry on. No ones gonna judge you for it.

Sexual Frustration needs to be get rid of at times.

Its only the religous types that will make you feel guilty for it in my experience.

Celibacy and abstinence.

It isn’t About Being, or Not Being Judged

Masturbation is Not a Requirement on Living a Happy, Fruitful Existence

Last Time I Looked Thus Wasn’t a Forum About Personal Sexual Satisfaction or Acceptance

Nor a Dating Site


If Someone Feels The Need to Bring up a Very Personal Subject

Then Why Doesn’t Said Individual Bring up That Sensitive Subject to Their Doctor or Therapist?. Why on a Forum Where There Are Very More Serious Matters at Hand (???).

Blimey ! I didnt want a debate on it! People are entitled to off themselves now and again without feeling guilty afterwards. Its a normal part of being human.

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It isn’t a Debate

Some people don’t dare to discuss these type of things with their pdoc. Besides, for some people it is important to know.

Ok bye. Its obviously a triggering subject for you - so i will happily go away :slight_smile:

May I Remind You,

It isn’t a Topic I Created “brah”

Wouldn’t offing into a woman of whom you love be satisfying since there is a high likelihood of her getting pregnant?

None of your Damn Business my friend.

Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Mysteries of The Human Brain

The Systematic Shadow of Signals, Antennas, And Conversation of Illusion & Reality

I fear the same. Dead ancestors are watching me while masturbating


Sorry i dont like this thread - if i was still a mod, i would have closed it.