Afraid to get diagnosed

So, I’m fairly certain I fall somewhere on the Schizophrenia spectrum. I have had issues with voices, both internal and external. Have lethargic symptoms and find social interaction necessary at best. I’m afraid that if I’m officially diagnosed that my entire life will change.

I have had some moments of psychosis in my past, mainly brought on by drug use, where the voices in my head have gone wild. They argued with one another, attempted to convince me of things, the list goes on but on a few occasions I have had a moment of clarity where I realized I had some form of disorder. After coming to this realization and feeling I should probably tell someone about it, the voices convinced me that I should just keep quiet about everything as, in their own words, “Other people just don’t understand how you work, we can’t let anybody in” We referring to the voices and myself as one.

I fear that if I’m labeled with the SZ stamp I won’t be able to do what I want in life like form relationships, have friends, have a fulfilling career, have children.

I don’t really know what the point of this thread is. If anyone has been through something similar and has any experience or wisdom to share I would greatly appreciate it.

Only for the better my friend. You’re a ticking time bomb if you don’t do what you can to learn to live with this illness. Meds can help drastically. Just see a doc. It can be completely confidential. You’re insurance company will find out, but no one else has to know. You can pursue recovery in private.

I ran into someone like you on here about two or three years ago. I’m not trying to be rude but do you know the old story of the ostrich burying his head in the sand when in danger? You’re situation kind of reminds me of that story. Because just telling yourself that your life will be fine as long as you don’t get a diagnosis when you have those symptoms is like sticking your head in the sand.

You are not fine and not getting a an official diagnosis will not change that. If you are schizophrenic, then you are schizophrenic, whether you have it written down on paper or not. You can’t change that. Ducking an official diagnosis is just postponing the inevitable.

You need to see a professional to see what is wrong with you. You may or may not have schizophrenia, but you can’t start treating whatever is wrong with you until you know what it is. Nobody wants a diagnosis of schizophrenia, you are not alone in that. But untreated schizophrenia is dangerous and it cause permanent damage and a bad prognosis.

The sooner you are diagnosed and get the appropriate treatment the better your prognosis. Your problems will probably not just magically go away, in fact without the proper treatment they can get dramatically worse.

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Getting a diagnosis is better than being dead.

I hope you get some help soon.

Disabilities are being more and more welcomed and advanced through our society.

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I’m in a weird situation now as I’m about to leave for college in California on Friday, I live in Florida right now. I’ve been seeing a psychologist for my depression, which I’m pretty convinced was misdiagnosed, but haven’t told her anything about my delusions. I have found a reputable psychiatrist near my campus and I plan to set up an appointment with him after I have moved in. You guys are right, medication could really help me and finally dealing with my problems could turn my life around and bring me out of this funk that is my later childhood.

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I would get to the pdoc right when you get there.

Good luck at school.

Let us know.