Do you fall a sleep before you accept you are going to sleep?

I am not quite sure.

It’s happening first time in my life time.

I fall a sleep only when I want too.

But now I just drop my phone from my hand and fall a sleep.

I have informed my pdoc he said it’s usual.

But has never ever happened to me.

Now I am also scared to go out.

I feel sleepy outside too.

It’s so darn wierd

All I know is that I would like to sleep right now. Sleep is great.

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People often experience a transition period before they fall asleep, which can involve accepting that they are going to sleep. This period may include winding down, relaxing, and letting go of wakeful thoughts.

The exact experience can vary. Some people might drift off without a clear moment of acceptance, especially if they’re very tired.

my mom does that. i have never done that. i think its normal but for me i usually cant even fall asleep if the tv is on.

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