Advanced statements

hi all, so we were talking about advanced statements at the group today and i was wondering if anyone here has ever prepared one before, its a document that states your wishes should you become unwell and hospitalised.


no advance statement here. whenever i was taken to the psych ward, they did whatever they wanted.

I dont have anyone Id trust with something like that except my father and hes across the country.

Yes, I have an advanced health care directive (also called a healthcare power of attorney). I think it’s pretty common in the U.S.

It spells out my wishes regarding life support, resuscitation, etc. and specifies someone to make healthcare decisions on my behalf should I become incapacitated.


yes, i havent got anything writtten about me incase of any physical ailment but i need to update my wishes if i become mentally incapacitated and still want to be treated like a human being on the ward if i was ever hospitalised. they should respect my wishes when they are written down when i am well and thinking straight.



I have my own for my parents. I don’t have a legal one.

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I should probably get one of those. Maybe before I lose my Medicaid