Power of attorney

Since becoming sick my mother and my partner have been arguing back and forth about who should be my voice when things are at their worse for me. I have wandered when really bad off. That’s why kay wants me to get a medical id bracelet. I told her i would get one if she got one for her diabetes. My mom is sick with ovarian cancer and she has her own mental issues to deal with. They both just want whats best for me but i’m worried they will put me away at the slightest hint of trouble.

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in australia their is ’ power of attorney '
and ’ part power of attorney '
the second one means you can help someone with bills, medications…and talk to the doctor on their behalf…so it is not all encompassing .
take care :alien:

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i doubt that cbbrown but you have to trust the people that you appoint and over here in the uk you can leave instruction on what to do in the event of an emergency i.e. if you couldn’t make a decision for yourself

i think i appointed my sister bc i trust her with my life and i know she would always have my best interests at heart,


The cool thing about a Durable Power of Attorney is you can designate who can and can’t do what. FYI.

2 years ago my mom got a power of attorney, and named me as primary, me being the 4th of 4 kids, and a certified (MI) person.
This year, after her surgery, The hospital made me sign her out as I was the designated care taker for her!
Felt soooo weird,
of all people to have responsibility over my mom.
I felt sort of “normal” for a second or two.

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That’s what i’m afraid of, that I will be hospitalized and one of them will have to sign me out of the hospital.

You should be the one to pick who makes the decisions for you when you’re not able but you should write this all down while you’re well and have it notarized.

yeah, I can understand your fear, it’s valid.
Sad part is, money plays the bigger factor of IF/When you go to the hospital, and definately how long your stay will be, rather than how much care you actually need.

I had no idea I was "qualified ‘to "sign out’ my mother considering I had the SZ/SZa label on my forehead.

I think giving others (you pick) to speak for you when you can’t has to also agree with your wishes that you have written down beforehand, and have on file.
Most facilities ask if you have a power of attorney on file with them when first admitted, if not they should get a copy to keep.

The person you pick has to be able to put any feelings contrary to your wishes aside, love and respect you enough to follow through to see that get what you want,
and if they can’t, step aside and let another person do it.

Not sure if you can pick more than one person to do this?

The link is to a place with pdf forms for a “crisis plan”; I don’t know exactly how or whether it includes power of attorney, but it does have a bunch of guiding questions.