Adjusting to new place

just moved from apartment to house.

Scared. But that’s natural with my MI…


Is this the new place your mom bought, or a different place?

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my mom’s house.

me and my bro share basement.
mom’s on upper floor.
tenants on floor above mom.

new place though. will take a while to adjust, I guess…

I’m used to the cramped apartment livingroom with my aunts next door.

this house has too much freedom and space…

that I don’t need.

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I hate adjusting to changes. Moving can be very stressful, so make sure you give yourself extra time to decompress and relax while you’re getting used to it. Do you like the basement better than the living room?

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just doesn’t feel like home. I just drank canned soup from a can. no microwave or bowl.

I’m resting on floor. floor’s not wood like home. floor is marblish, cold, and easy to break.

Is she still making you pay increased rent?

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yeah, I will pay more…

never agreed to move anyways… but this is more cheap and stable than hotel or renting a room with stranger.

it’s so cold here, compared to the nearby library or the apartment. poor insulation, says brother. will use winter jacket as blanket

Well I hope you come to really like it, once you get used to the changes.

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Hey man, hope you adjust to the new place soon and find some peace and rest. Best wishes.

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Hope you can get more sleep there and can enjoy your new place

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breaking news: sirboring froze to death in basement…

lol lol just kidding. I’m wearing double socks and more layers of clothing. I forgot my sleeping mat at apartment. might buy a new one. it was very warm to sleep on.

Maybe once you adjust you will like it more than the old place. You’ll probably get more sleep sharing the basement with your brother, rather than sleeping in the living room. It sucks that it’s cold, I hate being cold in my own home, but at least you will stay cooler during the summer months, being in a basement. Best wishes. :slight_smile:

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nose was inhaling cold air. I just ignored it. wasn’t an important body part.

then nose got stuffy.

I’ve tied an undershirt around my lower face. it recovered.

also, heater is on now. but I don’t know how the heaters here work. in my apartment, they would just turn on and off randomly.

I am sorry you are cold. I hate being cold. That sucks especially when you are trying to sleep. I hope you grow to like your new home better than your apartment. Congratulations on your move.

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lol it’s warmer now. I got my sleeping mat. also, I got blanket.

so now I can wear… minimal clothing… in my room :relaxed:

Don’t forget to dust off a sleeping bag to sleep in, they can keep you toasty.

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Sounds like you’re settling in at the new place @sirBoring. :slight_smile:

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