I am an addict, some points

  • I use two antipsychotic meds daily, Seroquel and Zyprexa, and if I do not take my meds, I get these bad withdrawal symptoms such as not being able to sleep at all

  • I have some pains in my legs due to diabetes and other reasons and I take some pain medication, primarily Aspirin, to treat this, if I do not take, I have difficulties to sleep, I must ask a doc to write a prescription for some other pain medication

  • I have this restless legs syndrome and I take some central nerve system affecting med Pramipexole to treat this, if I do not take meds, it is so difficult for me to sleep because my legs are moving uncontrollably

  • Then occassionally I have some nicotine gum, because it makes me to feel good, I do not want to smoke tobacco, because I do not want to get those known illnesses

Here is a photo from my apartment in this evening:


Love the colors in your picture.
I can relate with the leg pain keeping you from sleeping. I have no doctor, so I’m unaware of the reasons for my restless legs.
I find a very warm, if not down-right hot shower right before bed relaxes my legs enough to get a goodnight sleep.

looks quiet out there @mjseu

is it always quiet? and do you get out a lot?

i live on a road and there is a lot of traffic, luckily not a lot of people walk past this way tho
its usually the odd council worker, was upset when they cut a tree down tho as i liked the tree.

take care x

When i was withdrawing from risperidal i couldn’t sleep. I became easily agitated and restless. I don’t know what would happen if i don’t take my current anti-psychotics. I’ve missed doses in the past and i’ve felt like something wasn’t right but that was just one day of missing one of the anti-psychotics.

It is not quiet always. In the early mornings and the late evenings it is quiet. I can tell the time of the day just by listening how many automobiles are passing my apartment building. This road is one of the busiest roads in the town. I have my daily bicycle rides and then I go to a grocery store nearby regularly. All services are very close, even the laundry service to where I can take my dirty clothes and they wash these quite quickly. The main hospital is just 300 meters from my place. And so on …