Added Drums Today :)

give em a few to come in they sound pretty good once it gets going :slight_smile:


Holy ■■■■…i love it please keep it up your talented…although i like metal…i love music enough to recognize and acknowledge good work…i would pay to watch you play…

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Ty :slight_smile: i appreciate the encouragement :slight_smile:

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As a drummer, more drum fills than I’d have done honestly, but you know what you’re doing as far as writing drum scores. Keep it coming. The aw…bridge I believe, if I was back in my basement at 18 writing songs for my band I would say make it more uniqueor fitting to the song. Don’t want to come off as an ass as I’m not intentionally being one. I would love to hear the burried gold of this song which are the lyrics though.

i like the fills the way they are :slight_smile: ty for being honest tho. ill write mine. you can write your own too :slight_smile: