Do you stare at anything all day like me?

I stare at my lit up Christmas tree all day while I’m sitting in the kitchen and then I stare at my action figures and paintings on the north wall of my living room…I don’t tire at all…just keep on mesmerizing on my things…does anyone else do this?


I stare at my computer a lot, but otherwise I really don’t have a lot of free time to enjoy little things tbh

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I stare at my family and smile.

I stare at the computer all day, or stare at our artwork or close my eyes and think.

I remember that I used to stare at my hand to bring me back to reality and make it move to see its real.
It was a calming thing I suppose.

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yep. i have this vacant stare and been told i don’t show emotion but i can smirk when i have voices

I stare at moving things as a stim. Well depends on the type of movement. Some movements make me sick.

I used to stare off into space a lot. Now I’m always on my phone. But at least I’m not staring at nothing as much as I used to

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I stare at the ceiling when I’m trying to sleep I guess.

I used to sit and stare all day long. But now I get busy doing things.

I use to stare at my collectibles as a kid

I stare at my closed eyelids all day.

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