Possibly parting with one of my most prized action figures

I have an opportunity to add my Ent, from Lord of the Rings, Treebeard to be exact to the action figure museum here in town…the owner is going to be approached tonight by his friend, my neighbor, tonight. I would love to know this guy…he is my age and has an art studio gallery downtown…anyways…I am not selling it to him unless his price is high…it doesn’t have the box, and doesn’t talk anymore, but it’s rare.


“I’ve always liked going south; somehow it feels like going downhill.”

I just checked on Ebay the worth of my Ent…about 55 bucks…and that’s with a working, talking one…nope, he probably won’t contact me.

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My husband had some rare Star Wars toys. Worth hundreds of dollars. One was actually a super rare 1977 one practically mint. I mean he had tons of them, I was there when he bought out a guy at the flea market, bought entire booth’s stock for $100.

Anyway, we got into a terrible argument and I said some really mean things about his toy collecting. This was before being medicated. He was so upset by my words he took all of them and gave them to our little boys who were 5 and 3 at the time. You can guess what happened to them all.

I still feel bad over that.


don’t feel bad…my ex wife who was delusional and very jealous at the time, made me tear up all the pictures I had of my girlfriends from high school and college…she still apologizes about that…it’s done…don’t beat yourself up…you were sick…that’s enough to feel better about it…I did some horrible things when I was sick…like tieing up my dog outside with food and water while he was used to sleeping with me…stuff like that…let it go. @anon4362788

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Yeah, I know. We do some messed up stuff sick.

The worst was when I destroyed a coffin bookshelf he had custom made for me. But time marches on. We learn and do better.

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i find myself sobbing when going to sleep once in a rare while when my regrets over the way I treated my dogs gets to me…can’t stop it…it just happens…I have forgave myself but it still always will get me. I understand.

he texted me !! wants me to call him next week…so excited…he is so cool and talented. I would love to be friends with him and I just found out one of my other friends is already friends with him…win win.

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