How well can you hide your brain disease?

Im pretty fuuckin good at it, not going to lie.

It actually feels like my entire mission in life is to fool people into thinking that im normal and try my hardest to blend in.

I suppose thats my goal !!

Its tiring, it really is !

Can anyone relate ??

Yours Kindest


As long as I don’t talk I’m good. :frowning:


I know exactly what you mean. I’m pretty good at hiding it most of the time. But if I’m in a group then it becomes difficult and after about 30 minutes I start to fade.

I pride myself on being able to pass as normal for short periods anyway.


Yea thats the same. If im in a group i start to fade soon aswell !

Short bursts take enough energy, after that i go down, so i normally make a sweet escape.


Something is off with me. It’s obvious


remission since 2010, the Irish dream is alive here


I don’t make a conscious effort to hide the fact I’m a little different.


Pretty well most of the time. Only those close to me can tell when things are off. I tend to hide from people though so no one gets the chance to see anything wrong. Step into my house and it is obvious I need help.

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My few years of social isolation says everything.

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I actually reckon i would be the best poker player on earth

Maybe just paranoia, but I tend to think everyone knows that I’m sick and look down on me for it

I can relate wallafish. Apparently im one of the small percentage of sz who can pretend to be well even if im full blown psychosis. Still able to blend with the normies even though the world was strange. But that being said i havent been in psychosis for a while and so what i guess that would translate to is that i have a pretty good social apprehension of the situation in any given context. Imo its a good starting direction and goal.

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Yea dude i feel the same man :confused:

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Sometimes I can when I know the person. If I’m ordering something at a fast food restaurant I get anxiety and can’t look the cashier in the eye. Then they will try talking to me and I misunderstand them, I’m like “please get me out of here”

For me it depens on the place where I am. For example when I go to hair salon, it’s easy for me to hide that I have a mental illness. But if I go to a restaurant with a big group of friends of my husband that I don’t know, then I can’t hide my schizophrenia. They don’t know I have schizophrenia, but they know something is wrong with me. I think they’ll know soon.

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