Acid caused my SZ

It manifests for most at puberty. It’s a time where your brain changes with hormone baths.

It’s likely a genetic trigger getting hit by an environmental event. It could be as far back as gestation but environment is just one facet. It’s not the total thing. You need to update your thinking on this.

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Your dna controls everything right? It controls your eye color, and they way your body look…and it controls your personality. Why do you have to wait years for you dna to cause you to get sz.

It’s because there’s flaws in the genetics. Why some get cancer and others don’t. Some get sz. Others from same family don’t. Do some reading on medicine and genetics. There’s still lots we don’t understand about genetics but we are getting better at it. Mapping the genome is a start.

I’m just trying to get in civil debate. Why did you say,“there’s still lots we don’t understand about genetics”.

ie why some get things others don’t. You solve that take a noble prize.

Your dna controls your personality, right off the bat…so why do you have to wait years for your dna to make you get sz.

Why does your dna have a mental illness in it. It doesn’t control MI. It controls everything, except for mentall illness. Why don’t they say, you are predisposed…if you get depression or bi polar. I’m still trying to elaborate. :smiley: :smiley:

Genes can be programmed to be activated or deactivated at a certain time.

Some say sz is a neurodevelopmental disorder, your brain matures until 18-21 y.o. and that’s when most get schizophrenia. Sz brains fail to fully mature and to become normal.

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