Accidently scratch my tattoo, made a small cut

how long does it take to heal a cut, can the tattoo artist fix this. i made a mistake. it was itchy i should scratch. i wont do it again. also can i use coconut oil on tattoos.

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are u diabetic …??
apply dettol… and leave it…

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yea but now its controlled my sugar is 74.

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I accidentally scratched one of my better quality tattoos but it’s hardly noticeable.

Is your scratch really noticeable?

If not I wouldn’t worry about it.

Tattoos are going to get scuffed up a bit.

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The artist should be able to fix it just let it heal… Do NOT put coconut oil on it unless you want an infection

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ask my artist he said coconut oil is okay, but isnt coconut oil antbacterial

@oe1489. Listen to your artist… I have no clue

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