Accepted Nursing (Mental Health) Degree Course Offer

I made the decision to go into mental health nursing.

It has taken a long time to make a decision about this because it is a big one.

It’s something I have wanted to do for a long time.

Although my anxiety is still being sorted out, and my akathisia, I think by September this should be dealt with, as my new doctor seems good.

I have not been in a hospital for two years now, and my relapses are being controlled by better insight, early interventions and the right medication and a decent team behind me.

It has been hard, but I am hoping I can be that person who helps another like me who have been to hell and back.

I had doubts as others who knew about me contemplating this, but I have been checking the crap out of everything to make sure it’s as water tight as a decision that I can make.

My main motivation is to help people like I was when my life was getting ruined by drugs and alcohol as a teenager. If someone asked me who my role model is, it would be the Nurse who administered my 12 month community rehabilitation order, and basically saved my life from ruin. I owe him a lot


well done on the course offer…what qualifications did you need to get on the course…or was it just experience


I did a Sociology and History degree 10 years ago, and that was enough

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i say the sociology helped alot

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This is outstanding, I sincerely wish you the greatest success with this. Appreciate your sharing.



@FadeToBlack That’s great . I hope you do well.


That’s great news @FadeToBlack I wish you all the best in your studies.