I have been Offered a Place on the Mental Health Nursing Course

I passed the interview and they have offered me a place

I now have an enhanced criminal record check as my biggest hurdle

Before I was 16 (I am 32 now) I got into lots of trouble with the law

They want to know everything on the list and I am not able to recall it all as I was very sick at the time

I have asked them to call me but they did not ask for this until 5pm on a Friday, so now I am going to worry about this all weekend :astonished:


You shouldn’t have to report anything before 18.

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In the UK the rehabilitation of offenders act means you do not have to disclose after 5 years.

However if you’re going into anything to do with medical, the act does not apply and they can see everything

Pretty unfair, as I have not broken the law once since I have been treated for psychosis and got off illegal drugs

Hopefully they will chalk up your prior convictions to ‘youthful indiscretion’ and give you the job.

I think you’ll be okay. Rooting for you! :+1:


Good luck @Joker this is really awesome I hope you get the job

Congrats !!

Good luck.

Mental Health

Mental Health Care

Caring And Peace

Joy And Sadness

Space & Planet Earth

Good Luck, @Joker!.. . … :100:

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I will pray for you @Joker.

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