About voices

Ok so I know the voices in my head make up stories related to what I’m thinking but do your voices ever say stuff or stories about people you see, miss or know and you would never think about them like that it’s pure rubbish what the voices are saying or is it just me?

They like to “Show” me via ‘de ja vu’ so I can’t dispute it .

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No , to me they only make stuff up for example I be thinking of my best friend and they they will say oh she is a cent just let her die kind of stuff. It’s scary…

I have a voice that makes up hateful stuff about people all the time.

That and makes threats against them while I’m trying to carry on a conversation.

Its very distracting, frustrating and on occasion, pretty hilarious.

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Mine save the hateful stuff for me, but that just makes it easy to dismiss it.
I agee, that sometimes they try so hard it’s comical.

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Yes sometimes it is so stupid that they make no sense I start laughing lol. But for the most part they are pretty awful. Thank you guys, you made my day I feel so much better.

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