About the strawberries

for cereal, I should

  • squeeze them with my hands
  • slice them
  • other?

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I’m the one who suggested it to u and I say slice!


Stick them in a blender

slice and don’t forget to wash very well too


squeezing them feels natural. i mean, my hands get dirty though, but i get to lick them. so…

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So many threads about food…

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well i guess i’m suddenly having a random second dinner… i mean, i’m not too angry about having it. the cereal was kinda like breakfast anyways. but… sigh…

at least it’s cooked food though. and apparently healthier than my food

I think…you really need to…put them in a blender and snort them!!

lol lol j/k @sirBoring

I voted to slice them.

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SquEEze them strawberries…?
Why would you want to do something like that?

i have no knife or blender. never did. you all don’t understand how good it feels to squeeze strawberries with the hands and to lick the strawberry juice off the fingers.

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No…I guess not.
Them tiny wild strawberries were so small and delicious, and,free up in Oregon.
We used to stop the car off the roadside and pick until we were berry happy.
I’ll have to try to squEEze them once or twice.

well the strawberries are getting easier to squeeze. probably not a good thing…

Smash them with a spoon. It freezes well.

I love to mix sugar with strawberries, especially if they are mashed with a fork into sugar…man!


forget the fork. let my hands squeeze them for you, jukebox

Slice them, it will add better taste.

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for some reason, i just like squeezing fruits with my hands now. i slice the banana with my spoon though. so technically i do both slicing and squeezing.
i get a feeling that when i buy fresh strawberries again, squeezing is going to get harder. luckily i eat like 1 strawberry per cereal bowl, so the strawberries aren’t going too fast