Do you like berries

I like berries, I just ate blue berries.


Very healthy and make you “go”
I like blackberries and strawberries

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Oklahoma is mostly too hot for blue berries. We have a lot of black berries, though.

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Blueberries are good also in psychology.

I eat blueberries - they are so good and good for you

I’m a weirdo. I don’t like fruit or anything sweet. Not even ice cream.

I do like berries. :strawberry::grapes: My fave fruit would be watermelon :watermelon: I’ve been buying frozen pineapple and making smoothies with coconut milk. :pineapple:

Mmmm berries! I love berries… Makes me think of smoothies and smoothies are amazing! Oh man now I want a smoothie!

Berry much, yes.

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Love the berries… all of them except raspberries…

Blackberries are the favorite.

I love strawberries.

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Ya know I just walked home for like miles which I never do I usually ride a bike but I walked by this one house that has a hedge of blueberry surrounding their front yard.

It reminded of living in SE alaska where there are massive blueberry and we use to pick those things like a social event,the church would go around in this big van picking people up so we could all go out and pick them,I freaking hate the taste of blueberry but I like picking them though.

The thing is that after a afternoon picking them you are stained for months.

Blueberries (from what I’ve read) are healthier for you than any other fruit.

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Strawberries are the best. I always get a strawberry smoothie from the fruit shop on my break at work

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