I'm having a banana, berry, orange smoothie for brekkie

The berries were frozen so it made the smoothie all frothy like a milkshake. It’s so good.


I love smoothies

When I used to work in the wtc I used to have a pina colada smoothie

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Sounds really good. I bought a smoothie blender like a year ago, but I haven’t used it once…lol. I guess I need to get accustomed to using it. Would be great with smoothies in the summer.

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Yum! I’m having a protein shake this morning with protein powder, strawberries, banana, Greek yogurt, coconut milk, and spinach. It’s really yummy


That’s what I have, just a little smoothie blender cus I have such a small kitchen. This was my first time using it. It worked great. It was super easy.

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I’m going to get some kale and add that, I bet that would be great in there.


Both kale and spinach are good in shakes :slight_smile:


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