About T.D? please? do i need a med change?

sorry to be so demanding
i will try to speak to a medical person today
it’s early
yesterday i had mouth twitches for 2 hrs nearly constant, mostly at one side
uncontrollable and continuous.

today it is less, but i can still feel my bottom lip wanting to go - which was a precursor to the twitching yesterday

okay =

is that the kind of thing they would want to change meds about ?
i’m on an older medication

the other one that woks is a huge prolactin raising med… not a first choice

but i have been shaking a lot - hands mainly i don’t know if that is a sign?
and extreme restlessness - have difficulty sitting down especially in the evening
pacing foot to foot seems much worse than ever


Talk to your dr or @anon9798425 I don’t want to trigger or worry you. I have td, myself. If need a chat if acquired it, I’m here. Again, I am not your dr and don’t know your situation

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It could be both tardive dyskinesia…

AND akathisia at the same time…

I had both at the same time due to taking Geodon

When I was taking 15mg risperidone I had tardive dyskinisia. I was sticking my tongue out. Even after I quit I had it for a long time. Fortunately it stopped


Fortunately mine stopped too after about 6 months.


Thank God. I have heard that it can be permanent.


I figured out what it was early, thanks to youtube and stopped the meds. My psychiatrist was no help at all with it, said it was just part of my schizophrenia. Wrong!


latest from psych team - Nurse emailed my psychiatrist
she said to go to my gp as a first call
go over to the emergency weekend clinic at the hospital if things get bad
and that it was probably just to do with my medication…

like no ■■■■

What are early signs. My doc upped my meds now I have a minor twitch in my hands an arms. Also my tongue goes numb on the left side. I called but my doc didn’t get back to me. I see him Thursday.

Of course the ones on youtube are extreme cases, I’ve experienced TD in a very, very mild course of some facial twitches that went away when I switched meds. Akathisia got bad but reduced when I switched meds. The extreme cases are outliers I’m sure.

Videos scare me :flushed:

Hey-so what you’re describing is extrapyramidal symptoms and akathisia, not TD. It can be treated with a low dose of beta blocker, is not permanent, and would go away if you quit the med or even if you switched.

Tardive dyskinesia involves writhing movements of your tongue and lip smacking. Mouth related things. If you start experiencing things like that you need to tell your doctor immediately. You should definitely talk to your doctor about this too just in case, but from what I’ve learned in school and from my own experience with meds, this is not a serious side effect and is actually very common with APs.


I’m on propanalol

If you have any problem sitting down, that’s Akathisia. It goes away when either the med that’s causing it is removed (in favor of another) or when you’re prescribed something to counter it (cogentin or propranalol for example).

You could try Benadryl.

Relax, if you question it, talk to your dr. I have it permanently and am on meds and I survive. Im not directly responding but Benadryl is a cns depressant, that’s all I’ll say on that. Plz talk to Dr before addding that, again not engaging but informing other posters

It’s definitely something to talk to your doc about as soon as you can. That being said, I have had numerous medical professionals dismiss my symptoms when they were quite severe so if they don’t believe you the first time keep bugging them. The symptoms you are describing sound like dystonia and it’s something that can progress but that’s of course guaranteed to happen. It does mean they shouldn’t tell you to “wait and see” because there are definitely ways to manage it and it can be as simple as taking another pill with your dose that handles the side effects. Until you can talk to the doc some things you can try at home to help are heating pads and hot baths. The symptoms are from muscle clenching so something to help relax them is a good way to go.

Worst case scenario, if you find it is becoming completely uncontrollable before you can see your doctor and the movements are constant or become painful, etc, you can be treated easily in an emergency department. I don’t want to scare you but for me it helps to think of a worst case scenario and have a plan even though I know I likely won’t need it. In this situation you just need to tell them what meds you are taking and that it’s causing EPS. They’ll give you a shot and it should go away very quickly. The older meds are more likely to cause these types of side effects and some of us are more prone to them than others. If this Med doesn’t work out for you it’s a good idea to look for a Med that doesn’t have a high likelihood of causing movement related symptoms.


I am thinking about contacting our psychiatrist myself. I have trembling of my right hand and right arm which is getting worse and trembling of my lips. I think this is Parkinson’s symptoms-something to do with the medication clamping down on my neuronal activity. Also, I am 77. Something like this is to be expected at my age I suppose.

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