About judging people

I think everyone here has dirty laundry. We don’t know everyone’s thoughts and actions. But everyone here falls short of perfection.
We can help each other through this. We can offer suggestions on how to deal with our shortcomings. This can be a great place for support.
This is a great community to be a part of. Let’s keep it that way. Let’s keep to using constructive comments that help people rather than tear them down.


I agree totally. We are firstly a community and you never will like everyone or what they say. I came here years ago with an attitude and I’d fight tooth and nail with folk about rubbish really. I’m older and realize now I don’t have to win any arguments. I just come here for support and help where you can.

Together we make our worlds and we need to be mindfull that some folk aren’t doing as good as we are.


Well said @rogueone

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