About delusions of reference - They'd BETTER BE delusions

I’d hate to think of the consequences of them being a reality. We are so starved for attention that we have to make up the idea that “They’re doing it just for me.” Anything else involves a headache of giving attention instead of getting attention.


I have delusions of reference very often. it’s very common for me. I don’t think it’s delusion but reality.

Then you are a witch?

can’t be a witch. i am a male.

A warlock is a male witch.

I get delusions of reference. I can shake them off easier sometimes better than other times.

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its the most harmless delusion so I dont consider them delusions.

I call it a waste of mental energy trying to draw people in.

I can get attention with or without them.

But the kind of attention you get for talking about them is not the attention you want.

So for that reason I keep quiet about it until it starts to boil me too much.

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I have delusions of reference all of the time. And it is reality for me too. I never talk about it though. Or very rarely. Only here.

The real witches call the males witches too. I know. I used to be a real witch. For 23 years. Then, I quit being a witch. And that was a good decision. Best decision I ever made.

I don’t believe in such stuff…

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