Who wanna join this rescue

we r black short hair.

People in Switzerland also eat cats. I was appalled when I heard about it.

its really unfair for us.

Are you a cat, @yuying?

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Ahh that is horrible. I don’t know if I could ever eat that food again.

i think i once be a cat.i can feel lots animals.people who have schizophrenia r normally black cat.
if we die at young age
normALLY we don’t deserve this

u know sometimes we can also do wrong things.mind control by others.normally when we become cat we won’t be caught.we have our routine in mind.

i think if i have enough money i will go back china to have a look this year

i change my mind.i am not sure.whether i will back.maybe will disappoint u people
i need think carefully .don’t step in trap

Are you afraid to go to China because people there might eat you? haha

no.i am sad.i have to work otherwise those aliens will angry.

I think people have a natural inhibition against eating carnivorous, predatory animals. I think carnivores accumulate more of the toxins in the environment in their bodies than herbivores. Herbivores accumulate toxins from the environment, and the carnivores eat many herbivores, so they accumulate more toxins in their system. That’s just a theory I have. If you think about it, eating a cat is no more immoral than eating a rabbit, or a cow.

I do think the cats in this video are treated brutally and inhumanely, like our factory farms in the U.S.

yes u r correct about this food chain.

only murder will become animal

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Makes me kinda sad as my cat is chilling next to me as I pull this up…awkward…

Are you alright, mate?

they also eat crocodile and tiger!
oh my god