What it really says

Animals are cute.

But people aren’t. People are bad. People hurt me.

(Seen enough of this to know…)

Children are adorable and innocent. But people are ugly and guilty and impure!

(Seen enough of that to know…)

Oh. There is more. There is more.

But those are quite prominent around me.

Two faced ‘love’ is not real love.

And pity is detestable. Tastes worse than dog ■■■■.

I’m sorry people have hurt you. They’ve hurt me too. But there are good people too, so you can’t write off all people

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Well I’m saying those are the kind of people around me.

I noticed it after my brothers gf broke up with him.

He picked up his cat and called her ‘his girl’.

I was pretty annoyed.

Ungrateful lout…

At least he’s been touched and in a relationship at all. Just happens that he tends to have the wrong idea of how a relationship actually works…

I’m ranting and frustrated.

Family is ungodly ignorant all around and I can hardly stomach the days going on.

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So what you have to do is check out the time of departure = when the cute, innocent child becomes a horrible person. What and when is the crossroad?

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