Aboaut valuing life

I do feel that with mental illness, life lost it’s value and when we talk with envy about who we were before, we mean that we valued our lives at the time. Failing to plan for my future is where I went wrong.

It used to look like everyone had a good life except me. It hurt. In AA they call that “judging your insides by everyone else’s outsides.” There is a poem called “Richard Cory” that you should read. You can probably find it on the internet.


Love that saying!! I’ve tried A.A before and hadn’t come across that one.

Good poem. Short and to the point.


I have always liked it.

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I found it hard to deal with in the start. When I was younger I thought that getting mentally ill was something that was impossible. It could not happen to me. I was wrong. It did happen, and the first years after were particulary hard considering they drugged me down and I had to adapt to a whole new way of life, a second rate life compared to the one I had pre meds.

On the upside, over the years I learned to be much more humble, and appreciate what I got, and be kind to others. Sure I have a mental disease and have to take some unpleasant meds, but fact is that almost every human being is struggling with something, at least at some point in their life. If it’s not mental illness it’s something else.

Crimby is right. We can’t see what other people are struggling with, just like when strangers look at me, they have no idea what my demons are.

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