Ability side effects I'm not used to

Just started abilify this week on Sunday and I’m having side effects that I don’t remember having when I tried it a couple years ago.

The worst is the nausea. I can barely manage it, I feel like vomiting half the day. It really sucks, though I’m told it does eventually go away.

Then there’s the anxiety. I have anxiety normally, but I was mainly hoping to take ability to get rid of the anxiety, not perpetuate it. Does anyone know if the anxiety from Abilify goes away with time?

Slowness, drowsiness, and exhaustion. I thought abilify was supposed to be activating, it seems to be doing the opposite, all I want to do is sleep.

Plus a few more effects I don’t remember having before. I feel warm all the time, random headaches through the day, and brain zaps (I used to get brain zaps after missing doses of an SSRI, but I’m not on any other pills other than ativan right now.) A weird side effect is when I wake up, lights seem to be strobing slowly (maybe 4-8 hz), but it goes away within a couple minutes.

It really feels like there’s a natural aversion trying to keep me from taking it. I originally decided to take it because I’m tired of living in an anxiety/paranoid hell, but if it causes anxiety, there’s no point in taking it right? That’s like that old antidiarrheal that could occasionally cause diarrhea.

I’ll try to give it a solid month, if no change, I’m dropping it again.

If the nausea includes actual vomiting, I would call your p-doc ASAP and get re-dosed or switched to a “cousin.” There are lots of alternatives out there including Zyprexa, Seroquel, Geodon, Latuda, Saphris, Fanapt, Invega, Clozaril and even (yuk, for me anyway) Risperdal. One of them is likely to get the job done and not make you upchuck.

Unfortunately I did not do so well with Abilify.

It was extremely activating and also made me super anxious and paranoid - I was hallucinating on it.

My doctors kept me on it for years, this was very irresponsible of them.

Try taking it with food, to avoid nausea, this helped me a bit.
I would give it another month or so - it might not be the drug for you- good luck with everything

I was vomiting on that drug for the first few weeks. It has now gone away though and I have been on it for nearly 2 months now.

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Hope you didn’t herniate your esophagus.

No vomiting, but pretty damn close. As far as a redose goes, I already got it reduced to 2.5mg after my first dose of 10mg was way too much, I’m not looking forward to the switch from 2.5 to 5.

That’s definitely a fear of mine. Abilify triggers a lot of things that happen during visual hallucinations for me, so I always feel like I’m about to hallucinate and, fortunately, don’t. Paranoid thoughts haven’t really gone down much, if at all, but its way too soon and low dose for that to change I guess.

That’s a good thing to hear, that it may go away in a few weeks.

I’ve no experience of low dose side effects. 2.5mg (splitting 5mg I assume) is probably no better than a placebo for actually curing anything. It sounds like a lot of dangerous effort for nothing.

Edit: side effects are different at each dose. I found 5mg was really bad and started giving me suicidal ideation, this went away at 7.5mg which I’m trialling now.

I am on 2.5 right now because I’m building up to 10. I’m splitting a 10 into 1/4s to get the 2.5. I can’t imagine there would be any benefit of my symptoms until I reach 5mg though. So I’m just acclimating to it right now I guess.

The only benefit I’m getting tight now is that my mood is pretty flat at base level, where I usually reach extremes quite a bit.

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How are you able to split them into quarters, the tablets are quite small, just out of curiosity.

Edit: I’d put yourself out of your misery and start taking 5mg at least. You’re having wierd side effects at 2.5mg

It may not be that bad. The statistics on Abilify’s nausea sfx look a lot better after a few weeks on the stuff.

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I use a pill cutter and align the 1/2 pills with the blade (takes time to like it up) and cut. It’s not that difficult, it just takes a while. Also, I’m cutting the ability generic, my generics are a little bigger than the blue abilify name brand pills.

Different med’s affect people differently. Abilify activated me. I actually got an increase in physical strength when I took it, Abilify got me a little too amped up, though, and they had to take me off it. If you’re on a med. that has such adverse effects you should talk to your doctor about trying another one. There are a lot of drugs out there. You should be able to find one that is okay for you.

For anyone interested, the nausea has gone down a lot. Now it’s just every once in a while. So nausea from Abilify is definitely an acclimation thing.

I can’t really switch meds, every other atypical AP I was on caused huge weight gain and a huge spike in blood sugar (especially seroquil). Diabetes would be a step backward, so Abilify is the only one I can take (other than typicals, which my doctor advised against). So I just gotta kinda deal with the issues it provides.

Besides, I’ve been reluctant to take meds as it is. I just figured, I’ll explore this option for a while and see if I want to live like this. I’m only at 5mg /day now and I don’t feel so preoccupied with certain things, plus socialness seems to have bumped up a bit.

One thing I don’t like about this, is it feels like I’m always in a tired/slow brain fog. Like it constantly feels like bed time. Also, as a few of you have mentioned, I have felt some anger on it as well, but I felt this last time I was on it too. It’s like, small things can get to me easier and it’s hard to just let it go. Like I feel like I need to throw things, lol.

Hopefully the bump to 10mg in a week changes some of this for the better and not for the worse. Either way, I’m gonna try and commit for at least 2 months, as last time I don’t think I have it long enough to really help anything. I’m just glad I’m not paying $130 a month for this like before it was generic.

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You’ll probably have a rough time on 10mg for about 2 weeks. I had a rough time going from 5 to 7.5 for the 2 weeks it takes to reach a steady state in your system.

Yea, just went to 7.5 yesterday and it’s definitely not going smoothly. Though it’s not as bad as when I started it.

I feel friggin useless on this. I’ve been trying to force myself to do a little programming every day so my knowledge doesn’t just wither away, but it’s getting more and more difficult to. The constant brain fog and I feel like I have even less motivation than before.

Though, on the bright side, I don’t feel as anxious in public and I can brush away those paranoid thoughts much easier. My hallucinations dont seem to be getting any better. When I first took it, they got worse for a day or 2 and now back to where they were.

Also, does anyone else on abilify ever feel extremely light headed when you get up? It’s like I have to slowly ease myself up or I feel like I’m gonna pass out. Is that normal? It’s not on my list of side effects.

It’ll take about 2 weeks for 7.5 to reach a steady state in your system. Lightheadedness is a listed abilify side effect. I found those 2 weeks rough. I’m now experimenting with the best time of day to take 7.5.

How are you splitting your pills out of curiosity? 15 or 5? I found 15 impossible to accurately split, so am now splitting the larger 5 mg pills instead.

I hope you’re not still splitting 10 into quarters, I can’t see how you can do that accurately. Anyway, your choice at the end of the day.

I am splitting the 10mg into quarters. I don’t have to deal with the name brand blue pill since I have the generic now which is bigger and round. I can get very accurate quarters with it.

When I was on the name brand blue pills, I had to cut them in half and can’t imagine cuttingthose into quarters, not even sure accurate qaurters with those is possible.

They probably make it difficult intentionally to prevent people from doing what I used to do and requesting a double dose while cutting the pills in half, so 30 pills becomes 60 doses at the 30 pill price. Another reason generic is awesome.

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Interesting! Good info.