Abilify making you sick?


Hello! I recently started taking abilify and the first day I took it I felt terrible. After a couple hours I was gagging almost throwing up at my work place. I am a delivery driver and I know it says to be careful because it can cause drowsyness but I was basically almost passing out while taking my deliveries. I ended up have to leave work because I could’nt even stand up without feeling like I was going to throw up. I went home and just passed out and slept for like 3 hours. I don’ believe these are normal. Im not sure tho. Anyone else have these side effects?


I’m on ablilify and have had plenty of side effects,

But none like what you’re describing.

You should talk to your doctor right away,

This sounds serious.


Yeah, that’s a real problem; definitely talk to your doctor asap.

Abilify for me has been the best AP, with no noticeable side effects; I’ve been fortunate in that regard.


That sounds rough. Nausea is a side effect.


I am on 60mg abilify but have no side effects


Yes I have gotten that symptom before but mostly on a diff med, I talked about it w my prescriber at the time and it’s apparently a symptom of anxiety. Anxiety is almost always thankfully a temporary side effect, and sometimes doctors will give benzos during the first couple weeks of starting a new med that may cause anxiety to help w it. Some docs refuse to prescribe benzos though.


I had the same the first couple of days… You need to get adjusted… it’ll pass! (Maybe take it at night, that helped me)


I puked my lungs out on invega sustena


When I was on abilfy 400mg every morning after waking if I moved too fast I would get gag reflexes sometimes being sick. On invega now and no problems.


I got bad nausea on Risperidone, and my doctor switched me off it almost immediately. Nausea is a sign that med isn’t right for you. Please call your doctor right away.


Side note, but all these meds cause severe drowsiness in the beginning. You should take a couple weeks off work, or see if you can do paperwork for a couple weeks, until the drowsiness wears off. You could fall asleep at the wheel and kill somebody. Others have done it while driving on unfamiliar medications.


I never felt sick on it, but always have to nap the day I get my injection


so do I mountainman… sleepybify lol


I’ve never felt drowsy or had serious side effects such as throwing up or feeling sick from an Abilify injection. I would assume the medication affects each person differently.


Abilify is more often stimulating, i can relate to the tiredness from any AP, but not like that. I was nauseous the first time i took it. Couldnt eat a thing. But now i have no side effects 6 months on the max dose of 400mg (injection). Sounds like this may not be the right drug for you.


Whenever I was on abilify it made me nauseous. I had to switch to invega, and I’m glad I did because invega works the best for me out of every antipsychotic I’ve tried. I don’t remember being super tired on abilify, and I’ve heard that it actually often causes sleeping problems, but I might be thinking of a different med.


Abilify amps me up and makes me volatile so I’ve gone from 30to 20