Abilify not working out, why?

Hey everyone I’m new here. I am 16 years old and I have schizophrenia. I’ve been taking Risperdal (2mg) and Abilify (30mg, so pretty much on the highest dosage) for 3 months now per day. Why don’t they do anything, except for making me shake like crazy and giving me anxiety? I even lost weight on them. I also have suicidal thoughts. They don’t ease any of my symptoms at all! Does anyone have similar experiences with Abilify?

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it works wonder for some flocks …!!!

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Definitely not for me!

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for how long you have been taking this medication?

I’ve been taking them for 3 months now

yeah when I first took Abilify - I was much better in like a month but still had some weird delusions for like another 2 months on 5 MG. Now it has been 7 weeks on Abilify injection of 10 mg and I still lose touch with reality now and then but it is minor.

How many mg are you taking?

I take 30mg of Abilify and 2mg of Risperdal

well you seem like you are aware of yourself though and not psychotic?

I am aware of myself but i do hallucinate and have delusions. I can tell when they are happening

yeah so at least you are not out of touch. Just ask your doc if they can find a solution I guess =) just be happy you are fully aware of what is going on.

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Have you spoke to your pdoc recently and told them? Personally it took 6 months for my meds to work. But some people argue you should have some response by 3 months.

Yeah now that you say, i guess it helps in that sense, that i can tell.

Yeah just a couple hours ago I told her but she said it’s fine, but i just find it weird. Came to ask if anyone else had the same experience

Why do you always yell (!!!) In replies and …

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You are hilarious @far_cry0

Some flocks…

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