Abilify work well for schizophrenia

Am looking to change meds. I have read ability seems to do good for the body. How well does it work for delusions and hallucinations and at what dose? What is your experience with it?


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It’s always different and there’s no clear way to find out what works for you…

You just have to try it. Look out for side effects which may change but rule of thumb is try for at least 6 weeks if possible. If that isn’t so good may be time to try but a good shrink will have some idea…

It really is a crap shoot for most!


It gave me terrible anxiety. Couldn’t go in public places.

@ Qwerty. Thanks. I really don’t need that. I know how I am when a med is not working properly and it is not good.

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@roguetwo I’ve had my therapist tell me she’s had 2 really bad schizophrenics start on the invega shot and all their symptoms went away. Maybe you’re right and I should take their advice. Just really wasn’t wanting to gain anymore weight.

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Working on weight gain is seriously no fun but it’s eating right and exercise.

I still do that now and it’s been over ten years on the same meds. It really is a marathon over a sprint. Get your head right first…then worry about weight gain when your able too!

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@roguetwo you’re right. Thank for the chin up😊.

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For what it’s worth I gained more on invega than I did on abilify.

The first time I took abilify I was on it for like 7 years and it worked so well my doctor’s and I thought I didn’t have a psychotic illness anymore so I went off it.

@LED what dose were you on? I would like to talk to my Dr about both. Did you have bad delusions and hallucinations before starting ability? Invega?

Yes to both. I was on 30mg I believe. It was a long time ago.

I’ve been on it since and always had weird side effects. Like one of my legs swelling up. But that first time I took it was magical. Wish I could go back to that.

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Hmmmm did you have to up your dose now for it to work properly? The abilify? Did you use it in conjunction with anything else? It’s funny how it works one time, and you go back to it, and you start having problems. I’m sorry about that.

When I was on it and it was working I was also taking cymbalta. But that was the only AP. I didn’t have to up my dose. Got in the dose that worked and stayed there for years.

@LED thanks for the information. Will discuss it with my Dr. I’m kinda confused on which one to try but hopefully we can get it settled. This will be my first med change in 4 years.

I’m on invega injection and it works well for me. Been on it just over a year.

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You won’t know until you try it. I’m sure it’s just as effective as other antipsychotics.

Any side effects @Qwerty ?

I was taking 60mg abilify. Now I am on 30mg. I am recovering

@Om_Sodasvia I am recovering

Did the 60 mg give you problems?

No problems. When I was taking it before sleep, I had bad sleep. Now I take it in the morning

It works well for me, though I need an increase. The voices are all but gone. Except for a few here and there that makes life difficult