Abilify and motivation

so i started abilify 2mg and my motivation is through the roof i can go to the gym for 2 hours and not be unmotivated has this happened to any1 else

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Lol the opposite happened to me
I’m on 5mg atm thou not 2

yeah I was super restless on Abilify. I’m envious of the “activating” effects it can have, like you are experiencing. My AP does the opposite. Abilify just didn’t work for me, unfortunately.

That’s a huge positive for you though! Awesome.

I’m on abilify and I haven’t noticed a decrease or increase in motivation.

I’m on a 400mg injection of Abilify every 4 weeks and am able to exercise daily for just over an hour when integrating cardio & weights.

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Wo! Over an hour of cardio? Man! That’s motivation!

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I have motivations but get easily tired. I ordered some supplements. Or because of heavy stress as my therapist said. I don’t know. I have motivations to study, workout, but because my body can’t hold enough, I lose motivations at the end. :slightly_frowning_face:

Give the med time to kick in. I’m on 30mg of it and I do alright.

The opposite happened to me when on any AP, every person is different.

As far as I know Abilify when 5mg or lower only acts as an Antidepressant, no antipsychotic effect.

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