Abilify and Hair Loss?

Wonder if it’s related…

I know I’m 50 years old, but now my hair seems to be coming out in little clumps, just by lightly pulling on it. Wonder if there’s a connection to the medication?

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I think I might be correct from some google searches I’ve just done on the topic. I’ll talk to my Doc next visit and bring it up. See if it’s true and if there’s anything I can do to counteract it.

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It’s more common with people around your age, yes? I don’t have issues with hair loss and abilify, but I’m 26, yes? I read it’s most common with women 40-50, yes?

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My moms hair fell out in clumps because of lithium. So it is very possible. Talk to your Dr about it! Hope this helps

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That would just figure… nice hair is about all I have left. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Patrick, I was worried about this with Lexapro and the internet seemed to confirm my worries.

Then I started googling any drug I could think of and “hair loss” and every single one of them with the exception of aspirin had pages of results.

I don’t know if Abilify causes it or not (Lexapro really doesn’t, but stress did, for me), but take your internet results with a grain of salt.


Definitely, I have been losing hair from a rather early age and now I’m on abilify!

I wouldn’t know if Abilify caused hair loss for me because I was already losing my hair. I didn’t notice any increase in hair loss.