Abilify activating effects on 10mg

I’m on 100mg clozapine. Recently I added 10mg abilify to the combo but after taking it I got really panicky and little paranoid. It felt like I took a stimulant.

Also felt little energetic. Is this normal ? Abilify is suppose to be sedating from 10mg onwards, but its giving me activating effects. Will increasing to 15mg give me sedating effect or just make the activating effect more intense ?

Wait 2-3 weeks after taking abilify before you draw any conclusions as it takes that amount of time to reach a steady state in your system. It’s effect will change then.

Abilify was very activating for me at different doses - it did not matter if it was 5 mg or 27 mg - this drug made me completely wired, anxious, paranoid, jittery at all levels.

Mind you, everyone will react differently to meds - you might just have to wait and see

I don’t know about the dosages, but when I was put on Abilify I actually got an increase in physical strength, which is weird, because all the other AP’s drastically cut down my strength. Abilify got me a little too amped up though, and they had to take me off it.

Being put on Abilify was like when I drank 4/5 cans of Redbulls in a row. It had an exciting effect on me.

when i was on abilify i had akathisia and hyperness so they just took me off it.

I am on 5mg abilify,its been 4 years,not acitivating at all.Tell us more after a few weeks…

Just read that half life of abilify is 75hrs(3 days !!).

So if it makes me sedated, will the sedation take 2-3 days to wore off ?

Does it mean taking abilify at bed time is of no use cuz it will still make u sleepy/tired through the next day cuz of long half life ?

I’m only on 7.5 mg and I take it before bed. Like I said you’ll have to wait a few weeks to see what it’s like for you. Patience…