Abilify 30mg


So instead of risperidone my new doc prescribed abilify 30mg. Hope it works out.


Is that to go with haloperidol?


30 made me agitated. I found 25 mg was my limit. I only weighed 150 lbs at that point though. If a factor. I’m not sure.


It might work brosky…!!!

Wait and watch🐴

How was your day so far…!!!



Yes along with 60mg haldol.


I am tired and dissociate a bit


He said this forum is bad for my health


I hope it doesn’t make me agitated. I will take it at nights


Oh really he may be wrong…!!!


It took like 3-4 days till I was agitated. Like for example. I take 20 mg. If I double my dose one day by accident it’s completely fine. But if I continue to take 30+ I get real agitated.


High dose is never good.!!!
For some it might work…!!!


I think 60mg of haloperidol is a very high dose. Hopefully the combo works for you though, if not it could be worth trying clozapine


I did well on 30mg a day for years and I only weighed about 85-95 lbs.


For what it’s worth, my personal experience is that there was no chance of sleep taking 30mg at night instead of mornings


Yeah I missed that part of oms post. Abilify was originally sedating for me. Until I took it four days straight I had to switch it to morning. Everyone ms different. Because if I didn’t take my abilify for a week and then took it it’d put me right to sleep. Most people don’t report that.


Goodluck man interested to hear how the change from risperdal works, so keep me updated please :slight_smile:


Anybody else on the Abilify shot? I’ve been on it since February (with a one-month hiatus) and wake up early all the time now. :unamused: The dang Haldol shot is making me clench my teeth now and I hate the stupid shots.


They used to give me abilify 30mg when i was hospitalized cuz of psychotic episode. It is indeed a high dose. This made me tired and sedated throughout the day.


I take 30mg orally I am up at 3am every day now. Kinda used to it now but it did bother me to start with.

My pdoc wants me on the shot but I don’t know what will happen as he wants me off the diazepam. I am really worried about that.


Aw geez that makes me cringe considering how just 15 mg side effects from Abilify for me were so awful I dropped cold turkey after literally like the first time taking that dose (which was a really bad idea, 20/20 hindsight lol, but I didn’t understand meds then and thought I was having a dangerous reaction and was gonna die or something).

Still just because I didn’t have a good experience w it won’t mean you won’t!! Good luck!!