A video I would like to share

I thought some of you may find this interesting and perhaps thought provoking. As an addendum to the video, I have always found the most insightful philosophers and artists to be those exhibiting traits most typically associated with schizophrenia - William Blake, Socrates, Alexander Scriabin, and Sun Ra being a few examples that come to mind.


i agree but i cant help but think at what cost? i mean some schizophrenics are dangerous, and i myself made my mother cry by telling her to ■■■■ another man or something, calling my grandmother a bitch or my mother not sure…

Can anyone come up with a single case of a schizophrenic ever accomplishing anything great in this world? Sure some great people have exhibited some traits similar to some symptoms, but none were full blown schizophrenics. Nash did all his work before becoming ill.

I’m not saying that it is impossible. Modern medicine has given us a much better chance of doing something great. I just am unfamiliar with any schizophrenics who have accomplished anything of global importance.

Hey Lone Soldier Ryan,

It’s alright that you’ve said these things. I too have said some pretty harsh things to people. I don’t think it is because we are intrinsically and forever dangerous though, or even somehow different than other people in this respect. “He who knows not that the prince of darkness is but the other face of the king of light, knows not me” ~Manly P. Hall.

Hey Malvok,

As far as no one with schizophrenia ever having accomplished anything, what about Brian Wilson, or John Ogden, or Tom Harrell, or William Blake whom I mentioned above?

I don’t find myself to be a shaman but i have seen every type of thing in graham hancock’s “angels, elves, aliens, and ayahuasca” video.

Check that one out also, very informative, it includes “pan”, aliens, pointy elf ears, ufos, and some other stuff also, i’ve seen all of that stuff since becoming schizophrenic, he didn’t include shadow people though which i have also seen and i don’t think that he included what they call light beings which i saw also, and a really large snake made of light one night, it was very detailed and very very pissed off.

He does however mention stories of people being taken and tormented, he was right on with that, almost as soon as they showed up the torture began, just the other night they were telling me that they wanted me to kill myself.

They have burned my life.

Thats where terence is wrong, just look at the shaman on youtube, those aren’t schizophrenics at all, same spirits though it seems.

They’re certainly talented.