A very good day for me so far cognitively;

Hi my mates!!
I love you all!

So far today, I read some newspaper articles from the Hebrew daily Haaretz,
plus I solved a logic puzzle, and I solved a Sudoku puzzle.
So far so awesome!!


That’s great man! Stay positive.


Awesome. I like those kind of puzzles sometimes too. Love to ya.

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Well done. That’s better than I could do. I never have got the hang of Sudoku , and struggle with logic puzzles.

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so you have sz but mainly cognitive symptoms? @Chess24 no positive. maybe negative ones?

Start with an easy sudoku or maybe watch tutorials. Its easier than it looks. I tried doing one of the hardest sudoku puzzles and couldn’t do it but I can do most of them. For me, crossword puzzles are harder.

I started off thinking sudoku was too hard, only for smart people but it just takes practice.

They have sudoku apps that highlight numbers and columns which makes it a ton easier and more fun.

Hi @Om_Sadasiva .
I certainly used to have positive symptoms, like delusions, hallucinations, paranoia, thinking things written in a newspaper
or said on TV referred to me,
getting triggered by outside things.

What I have now, is certain sleep related problems, cognitive symptoms, and stamina problems.
In my estimation, if these problems are removed I’ll be able to fully function.
I am also impotent, but that is not a problem, it is something I’m happy about.


hi @Chess24. so you are close to be able to function if your cognitive issues get better.

Gotta get those positive symptoms under control first. Medication is key.