A trouble of fitting in

I’ve found that as I get older solitude isn’t so bad. I remember reading a quote where this guy said, “I have lived my life in that solitude which is painful in youth, but delicious in the years of maturity.” Of course, you have to wait a while until you get older. Maybe you could try to develop a few close friends, rather than a lot of superficial friends. One thing I’ve found that I have to resist is the allure of drinking buddies. Watch out for those. In the meantime, you have the people on this site. That’s not as good as face to face conversation, but it is better than nothing. The bond of shared mental problems can be a strong one.


I used to think I was a “Wannabee stoner” then I realized I was just an “addict” :smile:

No one wants to be a drug addict…I only tried to attain the stoner image because I was compensating for insecurities that probably lead me to smoking an 1/8th every 2 days in the first place.

People that don’t understand this’ opinion is irrelevant to me…such ignorance “OH you only smoke weed to be cool!” Shuddup…there’s deeper issues than that.

And you fit in on this site fine! Not sure where you get that from.


Ha, ha, good one, that answer is just quirky enough to make me laugh.

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I’ll never forget in sophomore year when a couple of seniors were sitting nearby. they were explaining to me the types of people in our school and specifically that class. They asked me what type I was / whether I was a pothead or not… I just said, “I’m David”.

I can actually feel your pain in this post, @Sarad

You’re a mom, you don’t need to label yourself as anything. Just be a good example for your kiddo :smiley:

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Yeah I’m not actually asking for solution - I excepted my faith with a bitter stoicism lol - i just want to hear how other people feel about it and how they handle it.

And David - you are actually pretty orginal. By that I mean that you don’t sound like a 19 year old :relieved:

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Nope…you should told 'em : I smoke weed to make high a dead people in my head. Then give them the look :expressionless:

Yea i relate to this.

Not really fitting in with any types or groups of people etc.

I also beleive in God but am not a member of any religion .

I may of been a “wanna be” Christian for a few months as it seemed to me sweet n easy going n less strict perhaps than say islam as dancing is permitted etc
I even prayed to be a Christian but I just ain’t n don’t beleive it.
Like thought of church every Sunday etc.

Was a muslim for a whole year and I was a good one but still felt no connection or like I " fit in".

For me may of started after toddler years.
I was well developed toddler and out going and confident and actually loved by group people in that country I lived in then.
When we moved country I lost confidence, was like a different person and not my self.
Was bullied n abused bit growing up also.

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I’m too naughty and too lazy for any religion :pensive:
But people as open minded and ‘anything goes’ type as myself are mostly atheists and leftist - neither I can relate to.

I was trying to fit in from my early age. Never was a leader type - only a follower.
That’s why @JH85 I shouldn’t start a Sarad club - follow me and you’re lost lol :skull_crossbones:

Lets create the laziest religion ever.


I thought you got to lazy to be naughty now.

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Cool im all in! But we wont have a god cuz we’re too lazy to worship. :smiley_cat:

I fit in with my nieghbors ok. I talk to them and we help each other take care of our houses. I am still living with my parents and I have been fitting in with my nieghbors pretty well.

Just because I am too lazy to worship God doesnt mean he is not existing.
When I feel like worshipping it is out of place because it has no discapline or dogma

“Do you have trouble fitting in?”

I do. I’m extremely mature for my age. The generation younger than me identifies with certain scene or fashion. Like all the stuff you listed. I just kind of do my own thing. I wear what I want, read everything, hang out with people of various sub-cultures.

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