A Talk With A Researcher

Researcher: We have exciting news. We found a drug with no side effects that cures schizophrenia.
Me: Really. What’s it’s name?
Researcher: We don’t have one.
Me: Is it in the pharmacy?
Researcher: No.
Me: How soon will it be released.
Researcher: Actually it’s not in trials yet. It just worked on mice.
Me: So you don’t know if it will work on humans yet?
Researcher: We have a theory it will
Me: I am underwhelmed.
Researcher: Want access to our newsletter?
Me: No thanks. I think I’ll take my paliperidone instead. I have a diet that will hopefully put me under 310.


Mice who have schizophrenia? How would anyone know? What does a mouse in full-blown psychosis act like? :thinking:

(Although, I have seen quite neurotic little rodents. But, they were gerbils.)


I once heard this guy medical bloke talking about how crayfish act in psychosis.

He might have been taking the piss come to think about it !


I believe they induce autism in rats by exposing hem to valporic acid in the womb. So I would imagine it’s a similar method.


This is inhumane and cruel. Poor mice


Its so sad testing on animals.

But i suppose we wouldnt be where we are without it happening.


In the future, I expect them to use simulations to test meds and cures. Not sure we have enough computer power. Np does not equal p, in my opinion. We could cure a ton of ■■■■ if it was.

what does that mean ?


NP vs P problem in math and computer science. I forgot the meaning, but it has to do with solving problems in polynomial time vs exponential for example iirc. So some unsolvable problems could be solved I think. It would take a reasonable amount of time.

Its easy to verify answers in some problems in polynomial time (pretty fast) but we don’t know if its solvable in polynomial time I think.

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The consequences are deep. Encryption could be broke and useless, but cures could be fixed. Whoever solves it would be a millionaire if the proof was submitted and gain world fame. If kept secret you could be insanely rich like a billionaire, but I think np doesn’t equal p. It hasnt been solved or proven wrong yet.

It would cause major problems.

On a side note, quantum computers would render bitcoin useless and drive the price down to zero.

They say by 2027 quantum computers can break bitcoin. Quantum computers use quantum mechanics instead of traditional computers like your desktop with uses binary.

I guess by 2027 bitcoin can be hacked according to the literature but I guess bitcoin could be safeguarded or more secure by implementing quantum resistance or having safeguards.

My professor said that researchers could induce psychotic-like behavior in mice by rearing them behind a one way mirror so that the could see their peers snuggling up to mummy mouse, but could not do it themselves. He said that they had certain behaviours, such as perhaps self-harm and random squeaks, that could be ‘cured’ by antipsychotic medicine.

The only factors for those mice are the environment. Schizophrenia is at least partially genetic. Plus other disorders can lead to self-harm or random noises.

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We need computer simulations, better models, better algorithms, and more powerful computers. We need better researchers and more funding. Imagine a time where you can test the medications on simulated brains.

I bet those Mice are not really schizophrenic. I read a little bit. It said that mice who have been given psychosis mimicking drugs are often used, and that the symptoms they use are – I had to look up their meaning.

  1. Stereotypies: Repetitive movements and sounds (squeaking?!)
  2. Hyperlocomotion: Moving too much.
  3. Prepulse Inhibition (PPI) of startle response (e.g. blinking after a loud noise). This is a natural response so as to cut down sensory input when something dangerous is happening so as to focus on only the main dangerous stimulus but schizophrenics are more likely to be unstartled and watching and listening everything all the time. Maybe that is why schizophrenics, and I, get into conspiracy theories more. If you are open to all the data, you can spot more patterns, even if they are not in fact of real significance. At the same time, this may be evolutionarily favoured because while it helps to have most members of a species focused upon the main danger stimuli, it also helps to have others looking at the big picture, for outlier dangers, because sometimes, occasionally, conspiracy theories can be right. This is the premise of the Mel Gibson film, Conspiracy Theory.
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I wish the World community grid would get into processing data to help with psychotic illnesses.

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