A spider creeping on the floor

A small spider crept across the floor in my direction, there wasn’t a need to kill it, a hard breath of air from my lungs propelled her elsewhere several times, makes me think this is happening to me, the powers that be are redirecting me but the gale force winds are disconcerting, glad they brushed their teeth, kamili tells me my breath stinks sometimes :smile:

In Shakespeare’s King Lear the hapless king says “As like flies are to boys are we to the gods. They kill us for their sport”. That’s not the exact quote, but it was something like that. When you think about how tiny we are in the scale of the universe it makes us feel pretty small.

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There’s thus One Scientific Guy Who Once Said , , ,

" We are made of star stuff " - Some Weirdo With Mental Problems (…)

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in fifteen characters.

Well You Know What They Saye … ,

and a Sheer … ,

and a Sheer … ,

and a SHEER DROP (!!!)

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Actually we are made of star stuff. We’re made up of elements produced in a super nova explosion of a certain type of star.

Well Perhaps … ,

Perhaps that Systematic Belief System is One Who Enjoi’s “lovely” Words and Has No Issues (OR) Complaints From tha Medicinal Industry of Saving Lives as Long as tha Monie is Passed Around … ,

Sad to Saye that tho … ,

Spirituality Mixed With tha Pharmacutical Industry Could Have Been Something to Marvel and Be Proud of … ,

e(Y)e Tend to Think Personally that , That Quote is Poetically Beautiful as a Introduction of Perhaps , a Romantic Way to Hold Tite to a Scapel and Try to Join tha Past (spirituality) as Somewhere Within tha Mirror of tha Future … ,

So Perhaps Perhaps e(Y)e Can Saye thus and Your Imagination Can Settle tha Score of Any Unfair Trade Within Your Heart … ,

e(Y)e Don’t Trust Every Doctor … ,

but e(Y)e Do Trust EVERY Star … … …