A song for @johnny

because we both like Eminem mate


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Johnnys a hit tonight :cowboy_hat_face:



Love it tho

thank you, its jonny tho, no H for me

do you listen to eminem wallfish?

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Sometimes, i used to like him. I dont really relate with him anymore

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I like this one 2, the lyrics are magic

He did make a banger though that i seem to relate more with in the last 5 years

its a cool jam i like the audio version better than the video with the interruption for him to scream and cuss at the old lady lolll

way i am is great too

his old classic tracks are classics

i like his new stuff too…just not quite as GOAT’ing anymore

still a GOAT

His lyrics in some songs are awesome in fairness

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5 years pshhh i was in college when this came out :raised_hands:

more like 10-11

but i like this

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Its Jonny

its easy remember cuz i dont do H

never will again at least :wink:

that was a 1 time mistake :monkey:

I thought Nas ■■■■■■■ Killed This Tho…right b4 eminem came in he was spitting some crazy ■■■■. But Em did his thing too. Poet, lyricist, whatever u wanna call it. Lethal bro.

But i think nas almost took this one

but its no competition, just a great track :sunglasses:

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What the ■■■■ was that?

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bro , dont you know its Jonny

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What the ■■■■ was WHAT?

Johnny boi :sunglasses: :cowboy_hat_face: :partying_face:

Ehhhh not registering i seeeeeeeee

Girls used to call me jonny boy in 4th grade

until i became a total dweeb they liked me and called me jonny boy

Yea but its not boy its boi :cowboy_hat_face:

happy youre back posting @wallerfish

yes i called u wallerfish…on purpose lmfao