A single personality trait is the foundation for almost all mental illness


I think the amount that “mental disorders” overlap with one another makes these disorders seem phony.

They really could make one disorder and just classify everyone into that as weak, intermediate and severe.

Very interesting, but i dont think i believe this. I do believe neuroticism is superimportant, but not that it is hardly related to the environment.

I think people have genetically more or less sensitivity. If sensitive people meet good stuff, they flourish. If sensitive people meet bad stuff, they become neurotic and disordered. If unsensitive/robust people meet stuff in the environment, good or bad, it has much less impact. That is what i believe. Just based on my own family. :slight_smile:

We are three siblings. All three highly sensitive and happy kids at the start. I was the only one who was sexually and emotionally abused and became neurotic and disordered - AFTER the abuse. The others werent abused and still live happy and fulfilling lives.

I think genes decide emotional sensitivity, but environment decides whether you become emotionally sensitive in a good way (empathic, loving, happy, spiritual) or bad way (neurotic, disordered).

Not sure though…


they’re both on the same spectrum though, don’t you think?

Living to the extreme, or experiencing the extreme

means that you will totally feel the best of things too.

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@Daze I do think so, yes!

I think i was born to experience things very strongly. I have known intense love, but also intense sadness and fear and worry.

My friend is very balanced. He told me (before i used meds) he feels neutral most of the time. I was like “Feeling neutral?!? Whats that?” When he went through hardship he was very rational about it.


Makes perfect sense

I agree with you totally @anon73478309.

First of all,Schizophrenia health condition is completely independent about all psychiatric conditions.
They said" people who score high on neurotic are easily worried and are more likely to experience negative feelings such as fear,anger…etc"
This trait is not the premises to establishing the schizophrenia health condition in the psychological life of the person, is not the natural preliminaries to develop the main symptoms outputs , it cannot causing both the schizophrenia or its symptoms ,even if you diagnosing the fear/anger…etc features in any person with sz

In principle,there is No any objectivity cause for schizophrenia condition, and there is No any subjectivity cause to creation the schizophrenia health condition in the psychological life.
The schizophrenia condition does not responding at all to the traits of psychiatric condition or the genetic disease ,because it is not psychiatric in nature nor genetic in root .

They said"your genes that determine your personality,and thus the risk of mental illness "!
Can anyone of you show me the gene (s) who is determine the personality in the human being?
Or we must belief that the gene is creates the the psychological entity (psychic user) like we belief in the religion ?

They said"mental illness such as depression,sz,bipolar disorder,and substance abuse are often linked,if you suffer from one illness,you are more likely to develop another " !!
-for many reasons ,this is merely a words not real facts .

Regard with the schizophrenia condition itself;
Schizophrenia health condition itself is not organic disease or/ mental illness.
The existential manifestations of sz condition in the biology/psychology nature are not a symptoms features of any disease or psychiatric condition

Bilateral interactions between the Sz condition and both of the psychological component and biological nature causing mental/emotional/behavioral symptoms changes And an imbalance features in the biochemical background

All diagnostic symptoms of Sz including the mental symptoms/chemical imbalance features are the end results of effect (they are reflected reactions ),these symptoms cannot creation the schizophrenia health condition itself (potential state )in the human creature ,by mistake they classify these symptoms outputs as the schizophrenia condition itself (potential state,the main structure,the existentialism substance) while they are the end result of the condition

Sz condition itself in structure/function is not a disease,cannot causing a genetic disease or psychiatric illness,just its effect on the human nature causing disorder changes in the psychological side and imbalance state in the biochemistry of the brain
(i.e sz causing a symptoms of disorder not causing a corporeal unity medical condition)

Simply,there is no any Organic disease/Psychiatric illness be able to developing itself into schizophrenia health condition,because sz is not disease mainly/ and cannot causing a genetic disease ,add for that the existential cause of sz condition is not genetic or psychic- and the functional cause of sz condition is not chemical or mental/personally ,sz is unexampled and unexpected from all aspects

Look at the effect of medical intervention ,it is blocking/preventing the biochemistry of thinking activities (block the current mental activity ), and it is not a methods to treatment specific disease.
Is its right to blocking the current mental processes all time of waking year by year in order to make the person’s mind out of service along lifetime?

Well that debate has been going on since the first Typical medications came out. The dopamine hypothesis is the closest theory to what we know, about how SZ is affecting our brain chemistry! Its too difficult to target the actual dynamics of Schizophrenia in the brain as they are unknown !! And yes, there is no evidence to how these meds will affect us long term, they haven’t been around for that long! Its about weighing up the options and seeing the outcome of your condition through medication, seeing what dose you can maintain at, and taking meds accordingly, if that is your best route!

No one wants to have their entire frontal lobe chemically lobotomized. But at the moment its the best the meds can do to alleviate symptoms ! Unfortunately, it does block the thought processes and other activities in the brain… What can we do, we at the mercy of our current medication in this era, at this time !!

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I feel happy when I see someone understanding the facts of realities,who is avoids the debate in the empty part of cup,you have reading the data with full objectivity and honesty .Thank you.

But when we write our posts here,our goal is to explain the basic information of schizophrenia to the current researchers ,we insist to help them with all honesty,personally I do not supporting any theories but interesting with the actual realties of the sz condition itself even if that make my self seem contrary to the textbook/medical dictionary of SZ !

There is a real hope to get rid from sz ( i meant symptoms of SZ which they are the bad side effect of sz dynamics in the human nature) in the case if we dealing with SZ as non genetic disease, therefore we can accept treatment these symptoms by all types of experiential medication as they are a merely Symptoms produced by incorporeal cause NOT as a symptoms of corporeal genetic disease produced by ghastly gene (s) !

If some people after 4 weeks of medication can living the life and enjoyable with anything/everything under the effect of sz and without meds for life time,you can not ignore these realties which indicate that sz is not genetic disease even if it is remains existent along lifetime similar to the time of the inherited conditions /or normal genetic disease

I score very low on neuroticism. I also scored low when I was depressed and psychotic.

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Really? How is that possible? I envy you, you can have some of my neuroticism, i have plenty.

They ask the question:
Can a specific personality trait constitute the one factor that underlies all mental disorders ?
For the eyes observations,it seems that there are a similarities between the sz symptoms and the symptoms of other conditions,but mental illnesses such as depression,bipolar disorder and substance abuse whether they are separated diseases or linked , the schizophrenia is unexampled health condition because it have higher tactics than all these mental illnesses .

In our natural world,there is no any human phenomenon (healthy/illness) like the Sz health condition Except for the human alive psychic entity ( the self) , add for that Sz health condition is inhuman in nature ,
-In the compendium, sz health condition is independent higher psychic entity (s),have the full ability to express about him/herself by the pronounced words/sentences and lingual expressions,his existence,his desires,his feelings ,his information,his ideological content…etc ,but he /she is a malicious psychic entity (s),have working as an antagonist for the human psychic entity from A to Z in all life events

Therefore we ask the question;
Can a specific personality parasite traits constitute the one factor that underlies the schizophrenia health condition ?

Mental illness doesn’t mean you have high neuroticism. They’re only correlated. They’re two different things.

I have had deep depressions where I’ve also been very sad, but normally, I’m a very positive and optimistic guy. My depressions are normally not full of sadness or negative emotions, and my psychoses are more manic than depressed.

can you explain what you mean by

human psychic entity

your comments are confusing.

Really ,you cannot know what is means of “Human psychic entity” ?
The thing that you call it I,my self,me my self ,self , psyche //spirit or soul
The whole psychological component (the conscious mind/emotion)
The conscious existence who can perceiving his single existence internally
The psychic user,the will motor
The desires manager for all mental/cognitive and behavioral processes
The psychological individual
The psychological side in the human creature
The metaphysical structure in the biological side of the human being
The incorporeal conscious existence in the human entity
(( the incorporeal gene who can coding/decoding all higher mental/cognitive processes ))

There are many different definitions to the human psychic entity “being”
Mainly,most biologists deny the independent existence of the human psychic creature

The schizophrenia condition is the only phenomena in our natural world which prove that the human being have independent psychic entity beside the biological entity (body+self// brain +mind) working as united entity (integral relationship/integral bounds ),because the cause of schizophrenia have effect only on the human psychic entity causing many symptoms of changes/disorders in all aspects of thought,emotion and behaviors without causing real organic disease