A (scientific) defence of the Brussels sprout


I’ve always liked them. They’re very easy to cook, a little bit goes a long way in terms of nutrition, and I like weird tasting foods such as them.

I know they’re healthy but I just can’t eat them; I much prefer broccoli.

I just had to ‘like’ this post because the title is absolutely brilliant! :slight_smile: PS… I do like sprouts :wink:

I cant handle this horrid vegetable.

I push it to the side of my plate ASAP

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I love Brussels Sprouts! I’m a fan of cabbage and they’re like tiny cabbages. Yummy!

you got to be joking lol, your top 10 ?


i like the smaller ones the best bc they taste nuttier lol,

yes i think brussel sprouts taste nutty :crazy_face:

a bit like me :joy::joy::rofl:


I even used to eat them raw as snacks.

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Omg brussles sprouts are SOOO GOOD. Especially when they’re caramalized, or have parmesan melted on it.

For everyone who doesn’t like brussles sprouts, I bet you haven’t had them cooked properly. If they’re boiled to mush they taste like ■■■■.

I love Brussel sprouts. I eat them every chance I get.

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