A real person

My roommate is a real person. You can tell a lot by looking at someones eyes. I understand why he does what he does. It doesn’t mean he’s always right or that I like everything he does but it’s kind of a relief to know someone has no ulterior motives towards me and is fairly honest. I got to give him more of a break.


I would think a roommate would keep your ability to deal with people up. When I had a roommate he’d play his radio in his bedroom as he slept a talk radio station. He was also a drug user. I hear often a person in special housing people use drugs and alcohol. On July 1 weed will be legal and a roommate might be a user it would suck because of the smoke in the air.

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@Jinx id ask them to smoke outside since it will be legal. Thats fair i reckon. Espeically if its a group home or whatever.

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Damm that would suck. I wouldn’t be able to resist temptation

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