Funny how things don't always go as planned

I thought this roommate was great at first. I thought that it would be a problem that he’s always home but it isn’t. I thought we would get along great and it started out fine. Now we rarely say two words to each other and are not even close to being friends. But it’s all good. He stays in his room most of the time, only going out back to smoke a lot during the day. I sit in the living room whenever I’m home. The house is clean, he does his share of the chores without being asked. It’s all good.


The times I was working and had my own place, I had two roommates. Both of them turned out to be problems not paying for things.

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Sounds like a good deal. I’ve had issues with friends over the years and share housing so a stranger who is neat is good in my books. I don’t hope to do it again but you never know when dad passes.

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