A question to psychoticteen

Because you listen Japanese music and have voices of Japanese characters, do you think and speak in Japanese, because you look like an English speaking person. In the 1990s I tried to study also Japanese,but it was too difficult at the time.

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If you are as Japanese as you let me to understand, you should know what this means in the Japanese culture …

Why do you ask me this? Is this meant to hurt my pride in some way?

This is a bringer of good luck in my culture!:slight_smile:

I have always considered black cats kin, so it should not surprise you that cats for me symbolize good luck. And besides, I am not a native Japanese person. If you saw my heritage, you would see that I have not mentioned Japanese blood in any of my pedigree. I only saw that black cats symbolize good luck in Japan today, so, yeah.

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I don’t think mjseu is trying to offend you. He’s not a native English speaker himself. I think that’s why he’s just curious. Besides, it’s not an insult to think someone is Japanese, is it? There’s nothing wrong with Japanese people.

Yeah, but the way he worded it made it seem like he was trying to mock me…I’ve had too many people do that… u.u

Yes, but its more difficult for people who have English as a Second Language to know how to express things very well so its best not to jump to that conclusion on small evidence. I don’t think you should worry unless someone says something really openly hostile. I speak a few languages and I know that being tactful and polite can be really hard when you have a limited vocabulary.

Yes, you’re right. Forgive me for being so harsh.

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Sorry if I offended, I just thought you were Japanese, in the past I have met many Japanese people and they are good people, 22 years ago even one Japanese businessman arranged a bachelor’s party for me in America.

As I read your profile I understand you do not hear voices because you are not sz, my thinking was that only Japanese people can have voices in Japanese. I am bilingual and I hear voices in both languages and I know how it is.

Just wondering why you are writing on the sz forum, if you do not have sz, I thought this forum is for szs and their families.

its for anyone who hears voices and their caregivers. XD

And i do hear voices.