A question for the ladies

Hello women of this forum, I have a couple of quick questions for you.

I want to create a tinder account, or some type of online dating account.

Should i list my height in my bio? I’m a short dude at 5’6. Being honest about my height and putting it in my bio might get some respect from women, i’m not hiding anything. Obviously most women prefer tall men, so i’m at a disadvantage. I want to be honest about my height.

Now when it comes to writing a bio, what should I say to grab a womans interest. Any opinions are welcome

Thanks! (:


Maybe you could? It might save you from meeting women that are height snobs… my husband is the same height as you and I was honestly a little taken aback that he wasn’t much taller than me when I met him (we met off tinder)

What type of things are you into?

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One of my husband’s best friends is 5"5’.

He has some joke on his profile about being short.

It’s cute and discloses his height but keeps it confident.

Some women prefer men taller than them, but I think you’d be surprised how many don’t care.

I’ve dated plenty of guys shorter than me.


Thanks for sharing your opinions ! @Charles_Foster @Human

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Maybe you could frame the issue in a way that makes it positive. Say something like, “I’m 5’6” of pure love.


Lol Crimby that’s nice. I like it.


I always preferred men my own size. At 5’6", you are already taller than a lot of women.

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Make a joke out of it, but don’t make it self deprecating. Make it sound positive that you’re short instead of saying something that sounds like an apology for being short. Confidence is king. A short dude with confidence does better dating than a tall guy without confidence. I’ve learned that whatever the situation we are in, be it physiological, social, or financial, the best way to handle it is to own it and to accept it completely.


I would put it in your bio.

Nothing wrong with shorter men.!

Good luck :blush:

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Just be honest. Honestly put everything down because when someone is interested they want the truth.

There’s is someone for every size shape and it’s more from what comes from the inside. Which is truth xx


It’s not a good thing to ask advice on girls from girls

They have a byas gender and are not really aware what a man does to gain they’re attention and affection.

They can say things like be yourself, focus on yourself, be nice, treat her well of something.

Firstly, being yourself is good but vague. Usually it means to not be trying to hard or acting like you’re someone your not when in fact your a terrible person.

Focus on yourself… It doesn’t work like that for men. To few women will come to you asking you out, because you seem to have it figured out and are uninterested in relationships,(which gives the impression your misterios, and have a lot going on which gives the illusion that your intresting and energetic which gives everyone the illusion that you might be fun and nice to he around)

Be nice. Yeah… Like you can chose to be nice. You can’t change your personality so if it’s not a nice one. It’s harder to be nice and you can’t lie forever.

Treat her well. Agree, that’s i think is an important part and communication is to.

Generic advice is just that… Generic. Every person is different but the advice which applies to all, the universal advice tor men and women in the Beggining is to be genuinely intrested in her and focus on your conversations, your qualities will show and dont be afraid to follow your inner self compass.

Since people have been dating before they invented fire, you would think we gotten better at it lol


It might sound a litte hard to swallow, but it’s true.

If you go picking cherries you won’t ask the peach picker for advice. He wouldn’t be the first you go to that’s for sure

Thought maybe I shouldn’t post in a female thread but I snooped and I thought of posting this. I didn’t watch this video. I have watched some of his videos. He has more videos on online dating if you search for them.

The whole youtube dating area is a scam for insecure man to ease them of some dollars.

Everything is bs. I gave you the only advice you need in the beggining.

The rest is gona come natural

I give you gold and you guys settle for copper

Ps canuk: you have a cute face and nice features

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Wow, women don’t know anything about what their own sex wants? How inaccurate is that.

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@oolaloola how would we know? It’s such a mystery!

I need to sit down, I have the vapors


I had no idea I was so ignorant about myself……

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Well, now you know.

You need to now ask your husband what to have for breakfast and if you can have a bank account


Dying laughing. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: