A question for the ladies

What advice would you give a short man when it comes to dating? Im 5’6

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I would say nothing matters as much as personality, i mean, it overrides height,I find tall guys an attractive quality but the most attractive quality of all that stumps height, eye colour, etc, is personality :expressionless:


I have had short boyfriends.

Some were shorter than me and I’m 160 Cm.

Just embrace and love your self and height.


I’m 5’9" and my sister is 6’1",

We both prefer short men.

My best advice would be to embrace it and be confident,

You’ll find a woman who thinks you’re attractive the way you are.


having said that, I am not trying to say shorter guys are unattractive, not at all the case,

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I have some tips

  1. Do NOT try to compensate for your height by acting overly macho, aggressive or obnoxious

  2. Short guys have increased cuteness. Work it to your advantage

  3. If someone rejects you for your height without bothering getting to know you, don’t take it personal. Don’t waste any energy thinking about them ever again.
    A person that shallow is not someone you would have had a stable relationship with under any circumstance.


My husband was shorter than me. My nieces husband is shorter than her. Height doesn’t matter to a lot of women.


Thanks for all the opinions, i’ll try to be more confident.


My oldest stepdaughter is 6’ tall (182.6 cm). Her serious boyfriend is only 5’6” (167.6cm). It’s no problem for them. They’re a really cute couple


Well there’s a lot of short women. Some women like shorter men. I have a sister who is 6’. Her boyfriend is 5’ 7", I’m pretty sure.

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My husband was 5’ 3" my son’s father was 5’ 4" I’m 5’ 2" There’s someone for everyone. I personally like shorter men. I like the way we fit together.

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