A question about fears

Okay. So I’ve suffered from schizophrenia since I was a teenager. I’m now 25. When I first started suffering from schizophrenia there were a few months when I was extremely scared of different things. I was really confused. I was imagining different awkward things. I was scared someone is reading my thoughts and I felt really bad. I also had numerous other fears. I never hallucinate and never hear voices.

All of this continued for a few months and It hasn’t repeated since then. My question is if you think this could have been a psychotic episode. Have you ever gone through anything similar?

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Idk. Could be delusions.

It’s psychotic to think people can read your thoughts.

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me too, i thought people can read my thoughts, i also some fears like the goverment is after me, starting to realize its just a delusion.

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