A potential goodbye

I’m thinking of deleting… I told my (non schizophrenic) friend about this forum awhile ago when we were talking about social media. I didn’t tell her my username or even the name of the website, I simply said that there was a forum for schizophrenic people that i use frequently and that was that. But I figure it’s really easy to find and by now she’s probably found my posts. I do not want that. This is in a way a private place for me to share things few people (read as: you guys) would understand. I am afraid that she’s now watching my posts that I really don’t want any I know irl to see. I really, really don’t want to delete my account due to the fact that this is the only place I am connected to others going through similar things. The only support group for schizophrenics in my area I am too young. That’s too long a wait and too long being isolated from other people I can relate to. I don’t want to go, but I fear I must. This maybe a goodbye for now. I am not yet sure though.

I hope you don’t end up isolated… talking about what your going through…

learning about this illness

having a place to vent were others understand…

it’s very helpful.

if you don’t end up posting here… I hope you can find a support somewhere…

A school counselor … a support group … and school outreach.

Good luck.


Why don’t you write a Private Message to @SzAdmin and see if he would let you start a new account under a new username. (It’s usually not allowed but it seems like an exception could be made in a case like this.)


It’s what I would suggest. We certainly don’t want to see people who feel they need the support here having to leave.

(Volunteer moderator who also has SZ.)

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