A poem: smooth

it used to be bubbly or wavy or rocky
now I feel like the shape of the flow of my brain has changed, its smooth once again
there are still stones there because its been corroded too much
but the process is to remove a few stones each day
and its impossible to get them all out
because its a hard to reach spot
the pit of my mind which used to be boulders upon gibbers
former ice glaciers which turned into cliffs
and then mountains
but since taking my antidote I sent men with pickaxes who slowly remove these rocks from my mind
and it all flows again more so how it should
without the impediment of the stone
maybe one day they will all be removed
but then the men with pickaxes would be without a job.


Nice rhymes @Gratitude

If you master this type of inner rhyme, plus be able to bend words when you rap; you’re on a good path.

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im not sure if I was intending that lol

I just wanted to write something about how the “feeling of my brain” has changed to “smooth” and it ended up being a poem. there was actually more rhymes but I wanted to make it rhyme less so I changed a part!!

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I read this in my late teens and there’s some good advice in it. Highly recommend it.

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thanks @Mr.Dre .

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